Founded by a Business Banking Manager with over 50 years’ experience in lending, our mission is to create a borrowing revolution based on meaningful education and understanding of finance for every individual we have the honour to service.

We want to remove the mystery and guesswork for Australians who are unsure of how to borrow, where to start and how to plan the process to ensure a successful finance application, a seemingly simple everyday activity that hundreds of thousands of people do annually and yet a significant number will get rejected with no understanding of why or where to from here.

We are active fundraisers, Goalkeepers for the UN Global Goals and believe that business’s should be a force for good, take a look at our giving page and let us know if you would like to get behind any of our projects.


Since 2002 AFD Loans has been championing marginalized borrowers all over Australia by helping them to get loans, we have partnered with specialised lenders that have policy, resources and funding to service these borrowers establishing an elite network of support throughout Australia.

Like an interest rate, the people adversely affected by loan rejections is compounding daily and growing exponentially! Ex Bankrupts and Part IX’s, aged borrowers, low income earners, outside the box or difficult purchases that fall outside of mainstream policy, regional investors, self-employed, those preparing to borrow or those that are not even going to try because they know their credit score is shot.

We believe that it should not be such a monumental hurdle to get finance if your income or financial history is outside of “ideal” as far as standard lending policy goes. We see the finance industry in general perpetuate the mystification of money to the average human and we don’t find this acceptable. We are passionately committed to changing how people understand their financial options and be in control of their own financial destiny.

The team at AFD are here to help these borrowers, we have done so successfully for over 16 years, and have been nominated for multiple awards along the way. We believe in thinking differently and choosing us not only will you achieve your financial dreams but you will be changing lives here in Australia and all around the world.